To all readers of this list from China.

I would like to gauge the popularity of FreeBSD in China.

Please answer the questions and feel free to add anything
related to FreeBSD you may think is helpful.

Do the computer stores and or book stores sell FreeBSD books and

Have you purchased any?
Which one?
What language?

Is FreeBSD taught in any of the Colleges?

What PC based operating systems are taught in schools?

Are there any FreeBSD clubs or web sites for users to get help from?
How active / helpful are they?
Do you use them?
Please list URL's.

How did you first learn about FreeBSD?

Where do you get your copy of FreeBSD from?

Do you know of any commercial users of FreeBSD in China?

What is your understanding of how widely FreeBSD is used in China?

Do you have search engine access to public FreeBSD
English how-to web sites?

Are there any limitations on access to public world internet?

What search engine url do you use to find Chinese FreeBSD info?
What search engine url do you use to find English FreeBSD info?

What do you see as the problems hindering wider use
of FreeBSD in China?

What would you like to see do or change that would help
the expansion of FreeBSD in China?

Please reply off list as this may be considered off topic
by some list members.

Thanks for your input


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