On Friday, 26 March 2004 at 21:53:44 -0800, Drew Tomlinson wrote:
> Please excuse whatever format in which this email arrives.  My
> system is unusable so I am posting from Yahoo!.

Heh.  I suppose that's a good enough reason.

> I have a 4.9-RELEASE-p4 system.  I have not made any changes to any
> source code.  I have 3 vinum volumes configured.  While attempting
> to diagnose problems with one of the volumes that uses a firewire
> drive, my system crashed with a trap 12 error.  I have my /usr
> configured as a striped vinum volume with one plex and two subdisks.
> Upon reboot, the usr volume has one subdisk in a crashed state.
> Thus I can't mount /usr and can't get my system up and running.
> I *REALLY* don't want to lose my data on /usr as I don't have a
> backup.  It was my backup volume problems I was looking at when my
> trouble started.  I have looked at
> http://www.vinumvm.org/vinum/how-to-debug.html.  I have a copy of my
> config files and the page says one can use those to recreate his
> config without losing data as it does not write to the subdisks.  Is
> this what I should do? 


> Should I do something else?


> Please cc me on any replies as I am not able to receive them via my
> subscription at the moment.

> I can not provide the extract of /var/log/vinum_history or
> /var/log/messages as I symlinked /var to /usr/var.
> vinum -> list
> 4 drives:
> D ftp1                  State: up       Device /dev/ad0s1h      Avail: 76318/76319 
> MB (100%)
> D ftp2                  State: up       Device /dev/ad1s1h      Avail: 0/76319 MB 
> (0%)
> D disk1                 State: up       Device /dev/da0s1h      Avail: 84701/8383 MB 
> (1010%)

This should go away if you stop and restart Vinum.

> D disk2                 State: up       Device /dev/da1s1h      Avail: 0/8383 MB (0%)
> D *invalid*             State: referenced       Device  Avail: 0/0 MB

This one looks dangerous.

> 3 volumes:
> V usr                   State: up       Plexes: 1 Size:         16 GB
> V ftp                   State: up       Plexes: 1 Size:        149 GB
> V backup                State: down     Plexes: 1 Size:         74 GB
> 3 plexes:
> P usr.p0              S State: corrupt  Subdisks: 2 Size:         16 GB
> P ftp.p0              C State: up       Subdisks: 2 Size:        149 GB
> P backup.p0           C State: faulty   Subdisks: 1 Size:         74 GB
> 5 subdisks:
> S usr.p0.s0             State: up       PO:        0 B Size:       8383 MB
> S usr.p0.s1             State: crashed  PO:      256 kB Size:      8383 MB
> S ftp.p0.s0             State: up       PO:        0 B Size:         74 GB
> S backup.p0.s0          State: crashed  PO:        0 B Size:         74 GB
> S ftp.p0.s1             State: up       PO:       74 GB Size:        74 GB

It looks to me as if you have lost a drive.  Hopefully this is simple,
but the drive on which usr.p0.s1 and backup.p0.s0 are located is presumably the
one which is referenced without a name.

Before going too much further, 

1.  Stop and restart Vinum and see if the availability statistics
    return to "normal".  If not, reply with the values, even if
    they're the same as above.

2.  Where are usr.p0.s1 and backup.p0.s0 located?  If they're on one
    of the drives in the list, you could try some selective deletion.
    If this is the case, I'll give you more details.

It's probably worth posting the configuration file.

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