Hello. I am running a local small non-profit club, every two-week I need to send news email to about 30+ club members. The number is still growing.

I'm not a spammer but my ISP's smtp server refuse to send emails with 10+ recipients. So I split recipients and send 4 mails, silly way it is. In my LAN the dns server cannot return mx record correctly (yes I tried and complained, it's another story though) so I prefer to rely on ISP's smtp server. There is also another reason: big email providers in China like sina.com do a mx reverse look up on incoming mails, so if I send it use sendmail from my compuer (no public domain name) they will be rejected.

Is it possible to have a plugin or set some settings to let my mozilla split recipients list for me? Or is there an alternative workaround? I read a bit about bsmtp port, it sounds too complicated for occasional use

Thank you. And truely I'm not a spammer, I hate spamming and I hate to google around for spammer's way to do it.

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