> >
> > > > > B.      Unix
> > > Depends on what you mean by Unix. There is code in it that
> > > derives from the original AT&T UNIX.
> >
> > It is this.  Although the idea of Unix may have started in Bell Labs,
> > I thought the big lawsuits 10+ years ago and lots of work by early
> > developers settled that no code in the current BSD line can be said
> > to derive from Bell Labs code.
> Actually, that is not true.  The only point the lawsuits settled
> definitively is that BSD did not infringe on USL's copyrights.  In fact it
> was basically stipulated that some parts of NET/2 / BSDi =were= derived
> (even copied) from the USL code, but that it didn't matter because the
> copyrights being claimed had been abandoned or were invalid for one reason
> or another.

Interesting - more complicated parts than are usually mentioned.


> -Dan
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