I have a FreeBSD 4.9 system; I am also running KDE...

I'm building this system for my son (college student) who has been (until now) 
a Windoze user :(   I'm trying to set this sytem up so that he'll be able to 
use it with a minimum of calls to tech support (me). One of the issues I am 
struggling with is how to make the cd-rw & cd-rom devices usable without 
requiring him to start a root shell and mount/umount these devices.

There appear to be some KDE applications that support this, but they must be 
started with root permissions. I figured automounting cd's must be a "FAQ", 
so I researched the FreeBSD website, and Greg Lehey's book to find "the 
answer". Unfortuantely, I found very little info. The only good source of 
"how-to" on this subject was a rather dated article that described 
configuring amd to do this: 


The dearth of sources of info on this lead me to wonder if automounting the cd 
drives is something that should be done at all. So - my questions are:

1) Should I automount cd's?

2) What is the "best way" to allow ordinary users to mount cd's?

Jay Moore

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