On Saturday 27 March 2004 20:50, Geert Hendrickx wrote:
> Hi,
> I installed FreeBSD on a machine with a Belgian (azerty) keyboard.  It
> works fine in console, but not in X: all keys are mapped correctly, except
> for the "<>\" key.  I have keymap="be.iso" in rc.conf and Option
> "XkbLayout" "be" both in XF86Config X0-Config.keyboard.  I've tried several
> variants to the "be" keyboard layout (iso, deadkeys, ...) but none of them
> maps the < > \ key correctly.

I believe the keyboard interpretation is defined in the files:
dependent on the particular version of X you're running (or they
may be lisked to the same set of files.

I think symbols/be may be the particular file of interest in your case.
But I don't know or understand the syntax; so I'd take an easier approach and 
patch the key mapping using xmodmap in each users X login script.
Take a look at the manual page xmodmap(1).

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