Hi folks,

For more than 3 years, I have been using FreeBSD. At present, I'm using the
5.2.1-RELEASE version. Different release of Apache have been installed with
Installing Perl from the ports or compiling from the source, utilisation of
most the packages are impossible to be use because of an error "Out of
memory!" has been generated utilising Apache Suexec or not.
By the console, using the same script without any problem. Without using
Perl package, a simple script run perfectly.
So I thought the problem came from Apache, but it is not the case up to now,
the solution has been functionning perfectly by using the Linux
compatibility and to install the Activestate Perl distribution.
Only I found this stupid to have to use the Linux compatibility to avoid
trouble with Perl and its packages, and to double the installation on the
server because of dependency of certain ports.
I haven't found the right solution.

Have somebody experience the problem and found a better solution?


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