On Sunday 28 March 2004 01:09 pm, Joe Falcone wrote:
> Dear Freebsd creaters and developers,
> Freebsd is an amazing Operating System Enviornment and
> it is used in apple's mac os X and i have something to
> make this already powerful operating system even
> better than it already is. With your help your os will
> become a alternetive to all operating systems on the
> market. If you will make WINE a hidden component in
> the operating system and tell everyone about the new
> compatability you will make a difference in operating
> systems of future computing. Make a difference and
> change the way operating systems work by taking this
> advice of mine and you will have a flawless operating
> if you make this a special component in the operating
> system. We can acomplish! The world needs windows
> programs without the "blue screen of death" So do this
> and you will be rewarded inside af how you changed the
> world!
> Sincerily,
> Joseph Nicholas Falcone

WINE is in the ports. Why bloat the OS with something that perhaps only a few 
will use. 

Next - FreeBSD (while a great desktop OS) is really more of a server OS. I 
don't know the particulars as to how that is, but I'm sure you can find that 
out by searching this list.  

Lastly, giveing the users the choice to install Wine (again, via the ports) 
give the user more control over his/her environment. 

To me, why tamper with an already great OS by putting something like Wine in 
there as a default?  If you want bloat - install it, but it's YOUR choice to 
have it there.

Just my thoughts of course.

Best regards,
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