The idea is alright, but Wine is far from perfection. In fact, many large 
programs and 3D applications won't even run with wine. Why? First because 
it's still in Alpa fase. Secocond,  they depend on DirectX, and Wine only 
emulates the API part of Windows. You could use WineX, but that is an 
commercial program, so it cannot be shipped with FreeBSD. Third, Microsoft 
constantly changes the API code, and sometimes they don't publish 
documentation regarding the code.

Besides, who needs Windows programs anyway? You have everything you want for 
free, except for games.



On Sunday 28 March 2004 21:09, Joe Falcone wrote:
> Dear Freebsd creaters and developers,
> Freebsd is an amazing Operating System Enviornment and
> it is used in apple's mac os X and i have something to
> make this already powerful operating system even
> better than it already is. With your help your os will
> become a alternetive to all operating systems on the
> market. If you will make WINE a hidden component in
> the operating system and tell everyone about the new
> compatability you will make a difference in operating
> systems of future computing. Make a difference and
> change the way operating systems work by taking this
> advice of mine and you will have a flawless operating
> if you make this a special component in the operating
> system. We can acomplish! The world needs windows
> programs without the "blue screen of death" So do this
> and you will be rewarded inside af how you changed the
> world!
> Sincerily,
> Joseph Nicholas Falcone
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