On Sunday 28 March 2004 02:23 pm, Chuck McManis wrote:
> At 11:58 AM 3/28/2004, Jorn Argelo wrote:
> >True. However, so far you've just mentioned the CAD programs. I don't
> > think that that is a large group when you compare it with the Office
> > users for instance.
> Come on, lets be fair, if we wanted to limit the application to simply
> "emacs" guess what? Freebsd is craploads better than Windows! Whippee!
> We're #1!
> >FreeBSD offers many options for almost every kind of computer user. I
> > believe that that is important as well.
> The above statement is not accurate, and believing it to be accurate will
> limit where FreeBSD can go. FreeBSD offers an option to a small population
> of users, those who use Windows to do "Office" tasks. Its also a great
> environment for the nerdly types who endlessly reinvent computer languages
> or window system widgets. Unfortunately those same windows users are the
> most clueless of computer users and cannot appreciate what FreeBSD does
> differently.
> The technical community however, THEY can appreciate the difference and
> they would be able to adopt FreeBSD if it had the tools they needed. These
> are the folks that made Sun Microsystems what it is today. And if FreeBSD
> wants a toe hold in the market that is where it will have to establish
> itself first.
> Just my 0.02,
> --Chuck

Well - perhaps the next step might be to look at what tech-apps there are for 
Linux? Would they run under Lin-Emu? 

After that, would be to take the bull by the naughty-bits and port an app of 
your liking to FBSD. 

I too can sit and bad-yack, but it's like politics - if you don't vote, you 
have no right to complain about how the country is ran.

I'm not a coder - I don't complain (much). So, I praise all the good things 
that FBSD has done thus far and anticipate all the good still to come.

Best regards,
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