On Sun, Mar 28, 2004 at 03:07:18PM -0600, Jay Moore wrote:
> On Sunday 28 March 2004 02:29 pm, Gary Kline wrote:
> >     For the past N days, mail sent to private individuals
> >     seems to be bounced.  Mail fom this list, however,
> >     and spam (of course :-|) gets through.
> >
> >     I just updated my registrar data and cut a secondary that
> >     may have been causing problems.  The only "hint" is from
> >     a networking student who said that typing "reply" got a
> >     bounce while sending mail to "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" (note: no 't')
> >     worked.
> >
> >     Any ideas on this?
> either your DNS records are/were hosed, or your MTA is mis-config'd.
> Try http://www.dnsstuff.com to scope out your DNS records, and remember that 
> changes take some time to propogate.
> Is your MTA sendmail, exim, or what? Are you set up to use a smart host to 
> relay outgoing mail, or are you sending from your host? Are you receiving on 
> your host, or POP'ing/IMAP'ing another host?

        The long-and-short of it is that I did a grep -r -w though.org
        after my network friend mentioned how he finally got mail
        thru to me.  sendmail (/etc/mail/* and /etc/namedb/*, and, for
        that matter, /etc)  were okay.  This was on my primary
        nameserver, ns1.thought.org.  I 2-checked on other platforms,
        in /etc/mail/* and same deal.  

        I'll add dnsstuff.com to my hotlist.  Right now I use (I believe)
        dnsreport.com which I check infrequently.  *Too* infrequently,
        obliously!  ...I just made some updates and fixed things that
        were flagged in red.  So I'll see how much e-homework I get now;
        or if my profs got pissed and flunked me for this....

        thank you for your time,


        PS:  I'be got a pop/imap question...but that can wait....

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