I picked up a copy of the "FreeBSD Handbook 2nd Ed" the other day, it came
with a installation disk for version 5.1 Current and that is what I am
trying to install. This is my first attempt to do anything with FreeBSD.
 First let me describe my system, I have a pentium 200 MMX cpu with 128MB
Ram and two 20GB hard drives (ad0 & ad2).
 I am installing FreeBSD to ad2s2. I made room for fbsd with Partition Magic
so when installing fbsd all I had to do was make it bootable and format it.
The first time I installed fbsd everything went well but I remember
wondering about the C flag that came up with the A flag when I made the
slice bootable. Later I decided on a better way to arrange my partitions, so
I had to reinstall fbsd. I tried  for 4 days to get that C flag back in
there (which the online help says is the default) and couldn't. When ever I
went ahead wihtout the C flag it made the disk unusable to anything except
fbsd, also in the disklabel program the d partition was skiped the first
time, which the handbook cautions about using, but without the C flag I had
to make a fake partition then delete it to get ride of it.
 Finaly I decided to live dangerously an I changed the geometry of the drive
to match the bios figures. It seems to work, but I haven't gotten into it
very deep.

Can somebody shed some light on this, and should I make out a bug report?
Thanks Russ

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