If anyone is successfully converting DVDs to SVCD (or
MPEG2 formats in general) I'd appreciate knowing what tools
they use.

I have been fine producing MPEG4 files with mencoder, but I
now have a networked video player (Hauppauge MediaMVP) which
doesn't support MPEG4 but supports MPEG2 just fine.

I tried mencoder. The ports version won't produce mpeg2 (at
least not with libavcodec). The version from the mplayer site
will, but the results look like "modern art". I got the same
with transcode, though it's a while since I used it. ffmpeg 
won't even build on my AMD-Duron based 5.1 machine (though
to be fair it will on my PIII Celeron 4.9 machine). The package
of ffmpeg doesn't support mpeg2 encoding. mjpegtools has an 
mpeg2 encoder but not a decoder.

It seems like no matter what I try there is some problem which
blocks me. I would hate to have to revert to a Windows solution
for this.

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