On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, Jim Hatfield wrote:

> I tried mencoder. The ports version won't produce mpeg2 (at
> least not with libavcodec). The version from the mplayer site
> will, but the results look like "modern art". I got the same
> with transcode, though it's a while since I used it. ffmpeg
> won't even build on my AMD-Duron based 5.1 machine (though
> to be fair it will on my PIII Celeron 4.9 machine). The package
> of ffmpeg doesn't support mpeg2 encoding. mjpegtools has an
> mpeg2 encoder but not a decoder.

Here's what I do: I decode the MPEG to YUV using mplayer, then
reencode back to MPEG using mjpegtools.

if you're short on disk space, create a named pipe called stream.yuv
and have yuvscaler read from it while runing mplayer on another window :)


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