I recently ran a portupgrade on one of our servers. The following error and exchange came up:

server# pkgdb -F
---> Checking the package registry database
Stale dependency: portupgrade-20040325_1 -> openssl-0.9.7d (security/openssl):
New dependency? (? to help): ?
[Enter] to skip, [Ctrl]+[D] to delete, [.][Enter] to abort, [Tab] to complete
New dependency? (? to help): portupgrade-20040325_1
Fixed. (-> portupgrade-20040325_1)
Cyclic dependencies: portupgrade-20040325_1 -> (portupgrade-20040325_1)
Unlink portupgrade-20040325_1 -> portupgrade-20040325_1 ? [yes]
Command failed [exit code 1]: "grep -v \"^portupgrade\\\\-20040325_1\\\$\" < /var/db/pkg/portupgrade-20040325_1/+REQUIRED_BY > /tmp/+REQUIRED_BY82988.0"

What should I have chosen? pkgdb -F doesn't find any problems now, and no errors that I *see* are coming up, but should I deinstall and reinstall portupgrade or have I done something wrong to the database? How can I fix it?


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