On Mar 29, 2004, at 2:28 PM, Sean Murphy wrote:
I don't want to build "all" sources when I just need these on my system (bin, man, and crypto). The same selection I use from a new install from /stand/sysinstall. Is that possible?

If you look at /etc/default/make.conf for a bunch of components starting with NO_, you can set those to get something close to what you've asked for.

It seem the "makeworld" process is the only way to keep the system patched.

Someone (Colin Percival?) has a binary updating system available for FreeBSD which might be easier for you to use.

If a tag just the 4_9 Release in the CVSupfile can i just ignore the mergemaster? also can I just CVSup the sources and build the ones I want? (see above)

Generally one can ignore doing the mergemaster simply for a security patch.

Yes, you can use CVSup to update your local sources with the fix instead of applying a patch by hand. Using a tag of RELENG_4 (aka STABLE) or RELENG_4_9 (aka security branch of 4.9) should be what you want.


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