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Subject: Sendmail refusing connection

> Hi,
> I have installed FreeBSD 5.2 and I am trying to get to access mail from
> the outside world. But when I do a telnet to port 25 I get this error,
> telnet mail.eatme.com
> trying xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
> telnet: connect to address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx: Connection refused
> where do I need to go to tell my server it ok to access mail.
> Payne
> Please note that eatme.com and xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx are flake to protect the
> real server.

Sendmail has hooks into tcpd which causes it to look for the proper entries
in hosts.allow for connection access.
If this is to be a server that responds to the world, you'd need an entry
for sendmail : all : allow


Micheal Patterson
TSG Network Administration

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