On Mon, Mar 29, 2004 at 09:06:41PM -0800, Peter G wrote:
> Thank you for your response
> What i'd like to be able to do on this 5.2.1 machine
> is run a user job that may take up 1.5GB of mem, i'd
> like it to start swapping which it doesn't do, nor
> does it panic, nor does it lock up. It stays
> responsive.
> Taking what U said i recompiled the kernel as a non
> PAE build and included 
> options maxusers 512
> options MAXDSIZ="(1664*1024*1024)"
> options DFLDSIZ="(1664*1024*1024)"
> and i am now able to start the job and watch it go to
> about 1.2GB, actually 1.18GB, then either job stops or
> job coredumps, machine stays nice and responsive and
> stable.
> I have it configured w/ 2 large swap files on 2
> diffrent spindles but the machine does not start
> swapping.

How are your processes allocating memory?

> The only error messages in the logs or dmesg is that
> this user job core dumped.
> What tunable parameters can i put into the next kernel
> build configuration to help me here? 
> KVA_PAGES? setting maxusers to something else?
> I have a very small kernel requirement i want to
> maximize my user available space for this job..?

If you only have 1.5GB total on the machine then you can't allocate
1.5GB of physical RAM to user space, because that would leave the
kernel with 0.


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