On Monday 29 March 2004 03:30 pm, stan ask wrote:
> I am having problems using Apache web server. I installed from the port and
> it wants to start at bootup. I go to Root and type in my IP
> address.....NOTHING HAPPENS !!! Unfortunately I am using Abyss web server
> on Port 80 in Root. I tried to edit the Apache Httpd-config file putting my
> IP address in. I tried to rerun it and got into the terminal..
> The terminal stated this message :
> [alert] httpd: could not determine the server's fully quailified domain
> name, using for the serverName
> Also, How can I serve on Port 80 when using user account ?
> I look forward to hearing from you soon. This is driving me crazy. Please
> take a look at my homepage. http://stans.servequake.com
> Also I have researched the internet and can't find a thing to help me.
> PS- I have a router and I have also tried 4.9 and 5.21 on two separate PC's
> with the same problem coming up on both PC's

Have you added the computer's IP address and name to /etc/hosts?

Best regards,

Andrew Gould
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