> Hi ,
> I really need help getting FreeBSD. I cant seem to figure out how to 
> get FreeBSD. I really want and need this but I need to know how to get 
> it. My platform is I386 and please email me witha solution.

Go to the FreeBSD web site.   http://www.freebsd.org/

Click on the Installation Guide item in the list on the right.

You will find lots of information on obtaining and installing FreeBSD.
Whether you choose to buy a CD set from one of the sites that burn
them and package them with a handbook or download the ISO and burn it
yourself and install via FTP primarily depends on two things.  
1- the quality/speed of your internet connection.   If you have a slow
   connection or if it is unreliable, it can be a long tedius task to do 
   it all by download.  But with a good connection, it is easy and quick.
2- If you are able to financially support the FreeBSD project.  Most
   of the companies that package installation CD sets contribute some
   of the money to the FreeBSD project.


> Thanks
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