In the last episode (Mar 30), Jesse Guardiani said:
> I'm copying 35G/90G AIT-1 tapes on FreeBSD from tape drive to tape
> drive (nrsa0 and nrsa1) using the tcopy -c command and it's taking
> WAY too long. Over 12 hours including the verification process. (not
> sure exactly how long as it finished when I was sleeping)
> Is there something I can do to speed this up?

I don't think tcopy is double-buffered; if you only have one file on
that tape and know the blocksize, dd if=/dev/nrsa0 bs=##k | dd
of=/dev/nrsa0 bs=##k should be much faster.  If you have multiple files
or unknown blocksizes, the cptp command from the MAG package at will preserve filemark and blocksize
info through pipes, so you could do a cptp | cptp pipe.

        Dan Nelson
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