It's a reasonable way to perform certain kinds of replication.
DDNS can often converge faster than BGP, but this *requires* 
that clients observe TTLs.  Many do not.  I don't know about
current browsers, but not too long ago browsers would keep
the results of a DNS lookup until they died.

We offer a replication service (as a special) based on BGP.
We do not recommend it unless the DDNS approach will not 
meet requirements.  And then we work to find alternatives!

To do it yourself is rather simple (Catbert's grin here.)

First.  Find a collection of ISPs that will agree to accept
your BGP4 announcements of this foreign (to all save perhaps
one ISP) AS.

Oh, get an AS #. 

Then get someone to assign you some address space that can
be so advertised.  If you're lucky you have a spare /19 in
your back pocket. :)

After that it's *easy*.

OK, I'm being cute.  Some large ISPs will work with you 
to do this wholly in their diverse facilities with private
AS numbers and address space they have reserved for this.

AFAIK, the last free version of gated will work for IPv4
versions of this approach.  And that runs on FreeBSD.


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