Using an install.cfg with sysinstall off the boot floppies I am getting
the following error:

"Unable to find device node for /dev/ad0s1b in /dev!"
"The creation of filesystems will be aborted"

This only happens if I specify the file systems and sizes I want in
install.cfg and tell it to do an installCommit or a diskLabelCommit.

If I go into the disklabel editor after the install fails, I see the root
partition and the swap partition but not my /usr or /var partitions.

The debug screen says:
"Scanning disk ad0 for swap partitions"
"Found swapdev at ad0s1b!"

It would appear that the swap device is there, and being found, but for
some reason sysinstall is erroring out and I do not know why.

This is only a problem when running it from install.cfg

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