Hello FreeBSDers,

Just installed e2fsprogs from ports and it gave some instructions for
vreating some links as follows:
To have your ext2 and ext3 filesystems fsck'ed correctly without explicitly
invoking the fsck_ext2fs utility installed by this port you will need to
create links for the fsck utilities installed by this port in /sbin, e.g.

ln -f /usr/local/sbin/fsck_ext2fs /sbin/ 2>/dev/null \
  || install -m755 /usr/local/sbin/fsck_ext2fs /sbin/
ln -f /usr/local/sbin/e2fsck /sbin/e2fsck 2>/dev/null \
  || install -m755 /usr/local/sbin/e2fsck /sbin/e2fsck

IMPORTANT: you also need to repeat the above steps after a port upgrade!

I haven't done this yet as I am a little cinfused by the syntax. 

In particular, I assume that each of these two commands are meant to be
entered as one line, and has been shown over two lines to fit on the page. I
also assume that there is a symbol denoting that the command is continued on
the next line. But which one? The "\" and the end of the first line, or the
"|" at the beginning of the second line, or both? 

Can some one set me straight?

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