On Tuesday 30 March 2004 11:54 pm, Kent Stewart wrote:
> On Tuesday 30 March 2004 11:33 pm, paul beard wrote:
> > I seem to be in a loop where expat and gettext will somehow not
> > install in such a way as to serve as valid dependencies. I have
> > rebuilt either directly or as part of building something else
> > countless times, as well as installing from a package. For whatever
> > reason, expat seems to be missing something:
> >
> > Error: shared library "expat.5" does not exist
> >
> > portupgrade -f, installing from source, installing from a package:
> > all seem to fail. And since it and/or gettext are core dependencies
> > for everything else, it seems, there's not much progress being
> > made. Any other sage advice?
> On both of them, you needed to portupgrade -rf. Now, I think your
> links are broken. You might try pkgdb -F can connect the links to the
> latest version. Then do the forced portupgrade.

I looked at the dependancies and a -rf expat will also rebuilt gettext. 
The problem with gettext was the 2-step upgrade to version 0.13.1. That 
caused all sorts of grief and it depends on what version you started 
out with. 

The bad part here is all of the ports with expat-1.95.7 
(textproc/expat2) as a dependancy. I think it covers all of the ports 
that produce packages larger than 2MB. That is probably an exaguration 
but not too far off :).

I would probably first update portupgrade to switch from ruby-1.6 to 
ruby-1.8. Problems with it and expat are covered 
in /usr/ports/UPDATING.


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA

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