I am trying to set up a DSL router based on FreeBSD and in the process I
need to make a PPPoE connection to the DSL modem using a USB network inter-
face. The make/model is "Teledat Fast Ethernet USB". It is recognized by
FreeBSD as "aue0".

With FreeBSD 4.6-RELEASE, I had the following problem:
* The card worked fine when plugged in after boot and "found" by usbd,
  but on system shutdown or when disconnecting the card from USB, I 
  got a lot of "usb error o rx: IOERROR" and the system hung. When 
  booting with the card already connected, it would be detected and 
  visible with "ifconfig" but at the first attempt of accessing it 
  using "ppp", I got into an endless loop of "aue0: MII read timed out".

With FreeBSD 5.2-RC1, the card behaves more consistently:
* No matter whether you boot with the card attached or not, the first
  attempt of accessing it using "ppp" will always cause an endless loop
  of "aue0: MII read timed out".

I found a message by Scott Mitchell on this list from last October
in which he suggests that a 100 Mbps network might give the driver trouble.
I am on a 100 Mbps network (since I put a little 10/100 switch in between
the 10 MBit DSL modem and the USB NIC), but forcing the aue0 interface to
10 MBit via "ifconfig aue0 media 10baseT/UTP" did nothing to solve
the problem.

Any insights are most appreciated!


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