On Wed, Mar 31, 2004 at 01:36:03AM +0800, meimi wrote:

>   My server sudden offline when portsdb is running. I have checked 
> /var/log/messages. But, I couldn't find anything about it. Could anyone what steps I 
> should do to find the error?
>   *I have no phyical access to the server.

It's probably a coincidence that it was portsdb which was running at
the time, rather than anything specific to do with that program.
However an educated guess would be that you've overheated your
processor (by running some compute heavy job on it, like 'portsdb
-Uu').  The thermal cutout activates, and the whole machine keels

You should try running some sort of temperature monitor on the system
-- like xmbmon or healthd or gkrellm with the appropriate plugin --
exactly which one you choose to run depends on what motherboard you

Also make sure that all of the fans on the system are running
correctly, that air vents are not choked with dust, that heatsinks are
correctly attached and are making good thermal contact to the chips
and that the machine is in a cool and well ventilated location.



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