Supote Leelasupphakorn wrote:
Hi all,

I want to export 1. /mnt/xx/aa
2. /mnt/xx/bb
3. /mnt/xx/cc

from machine:A to machine:B. On B I can mount /mnt/xx/aa and
/mnt/xx/bb successful except /mnt/xx/cc, why or I missed something ? Below is some information may be useful.

--- /etc/export on machine:A ---
/mnt/xx/aa   -ro,quiet       B
/mnt/xx/bb   -ro,quiet       B
/mnt/xx/cc   -ro,quiet       B

--- output of `df -lh` on machine:A ---
/dev/ad1s1e   110G    29G    73G    28%    /mnt/xx/aa
/dev/ad2s1e   110G    29G    72G    29%    /mnt/xx/bb

What do your logs say when you try to mount cc or restart mountd and nfsd? Looks like aa and bb are seperate drives. Is cc on the same partition as aa or bb (it's not in your df output)? If so, I think you'll need to specify it and the other on the same line in /etc/exports.

`man exports` says:

"In a mount entry, the first field(s) specify the directory path(s) within a server filesystem that can be mounted on by the corresponding client(s). There are two forms of this specification. The first is to list all mount points as absolute directory paths separated by whitespace. The second is to specify the pathname of the root of the filesystem followed by the -alldirs flag;"

I had to put an entry like this when I wanted to update several machines from one set of src and ports:

/usr/src /usr/obj /usr/ports -maproot=0

So, you might need something like:

/mnt/x/bb /mnt/x/cc -ro,quiet       B
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