+++ Bart Silverstrim [freebsd] [31-03-04 13:14 -0500]:
| On Mar 31, 2004, at 10:52 AM, Shantanoo wrote:
| >
| >I told you how to setup your _own_ _DNS_ server. You won't need to
| >use other DNS server.
| >
| >Shantanoo
| >
| Forgive me, but does the country block access to the root Internet 
| servers?  If so, wouldn't it only cache information that is 
| available...i.e., if his DNS server can't get the IP's for those sites 
| because his upstream has it blocked, he could only get the crippled 
| available IPs from those within the country?

I don't think that they will be blocking access to root-servers.
If they are blocking it, no info will be available, as upstream server
is not contacted. (unless root-servers are not redirected to some
other IP)

| I knew they blocked things in the country using proxies, but I didn't 
| (and don't) know the full range of the blocking that's done...my first 
| thoughts were that he was inviting trouble by discussing trying to get 
| to these sites on a public mailing list, wondering if "they" were 
| watching and noting his attempt to subvert their blocking.  Maybe 
| someday they'll come to their senses and drop the Internet censorship 
| :-)

No comments ;)
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