I wasn't sure of the best way to manage quotas on a jailed system, I'm running FreeBSD 
v4.9. I have several file systems mounted on the host system and have quotas enabled 
on the /var partition where I'm running the jail.  Since the password db is different 
between the host and jail(s) what's the best way to check and enforce quotas on the 
users in the jails? 

I don't have a "true" /etc/fstab file in the jail to run the quota-related commands. 
If I set and check quotas from the host system, how do I tell if I'm looking up "fred" 
on jail 1 or "fred" on jail 2? Saw a few threads in the archive related to user/group 
quotas in a jail, but was unclear on how to configure FreeeBSD for that.

Thanks in advance,

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