Okay, this is probably off topic, and I'll gladly take it offlist if someone can contact me directly with an answer...I was hoping that with the BSD Unix gurus here, someone may have experience in the area of this question :-)

I'm looking for a PERL script that can act kind of like a proxy (filter?) for an IMAP connection, and when certain lines of text come through, it will erase them while leaving everything else intact.

What I'm thinking of aiming for is to have the proxy run on the local machine, and tell my IMAP client to connect to it; the proxy would connect to the "real" address of the IMAP server. All the commands for browsing, reading, flagging, etc. would be passed just fine but when headers for read receipt/tracking requests come into the proxy, it would just filter them out (or alter them in a way that they would be useless).

Would such a thing even be possible to easily implement, if it doesn't already exist? It should be pretty transparent, I would think...

Thanks for any guidance you could offer in this area...


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