Hello freebsd-questions,

  I  am  trying  to  install 5.2 on an older Deskpro 575 machine. I've
  changed  the  BIOS configuration so that it allows me to use a  80GB
  disk.  Fine.  Installation  complains  a  bit  about  the  way  BIOS
  determines the disk geometry and then suggests its own settings. OK,
  I  go  for it. I use the whole disk, create respective mount points,
  install  standard  boot  loader,  a  desired distribution along with
  additional  packages,  configure  X server and other things and then
  reboot. And they I get that "Non-system disk or disk error" message.
  Is  there  any  way  I  can  boot  normaly  into  the  fresh FreeBSD

             -=Robert & Beata Golovniov | Lviv, Ukraine=-
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