Noah wrote:

> FreeBSD 4.9-STABLE
> phpmyadmin-2.5.6
> apache-1.3.29
> php_mod-4.3.5
> I am getting a little better understanding of multiuser phpmyadmin.
> but I must not be understanding it completely.  I read through the
> documentation and cannot find my particular issue discussed there.
> I set the $cfg['Servers'][$i]['auth_type'] to cookie so users
> definitely get the login.  but when I login with a user other than
> root.  I find that I am able to veiw all the databases that root
> could view.  I was assuming with the multiuser functionality that
> users could only view databases for which they have granted access
> to.  is there something else i need to configure here?

You forgot to mention the most important thing: your MySQL version. :)

In the 3.x series, start MySQL with the "--safe-show-database" parameter.
That will do what you want: only show databases the users have access to. In
4.0.18 (current production release), --safe-show-database is the default

- Mark

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