Deogratious wrote:

Am by the names of Deogratious and i wish to know some thing better with more 
Could you  mplease tell me the mail software that i can pu under FreeBSD and i can add 
clients and it can be accessed in properly for their mails

If you'd like to run a mail server on FreeBSD you can find some popular mail servers in the 'mail' catagory of the FreeBSD ports system. Please read the handbook for more information on how to install a port, and also how to change your system mail software - although the port will likely to that for you.

Some popular mail servers to look at include qmail, postfix and exim and also the standard mail server that FreeBSD installs by default called sendmail. Many people find sendmail difficult to use and configure so replacing it is a popular choice.

My suggestion would be to consider what you want to do, and then spend a lot (!) of time reading on the web to understand your options and how you want to proceed.

Good luck!


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