On Wed, 7 Apr 2004, Sebastian Kutsch wrote:

> I want to setup subsubdomains to reach individuell PC's in my LAN from
> the Internet without portmapping.
> I habe got a ADSL line using ppoe to conect to my ISP getting a public
> IP on the tun0 interface. Using the no-ip service I have got a subdomain
> of the form my.domain.com. ppoe and the no-ip daemon are running on
> a saperate machin with FreeBSD 4.7 functioning as the network
> gateway/router wich is conected with dc0 to the ADSL-modem and with rl0
> ( to the LAN. What I want is to do is reach an individual
> PC from the Internet by using a subsubdomain of the form
> pc1.my.domain.com.
> I have configured bind 8 running on my gateway so that I can reach the
> PC's in the LAN from within the LAN by using i.e. pc1.my.domain.com.
> But trying to reach a PC from the Internet conects me to the gateway.
> By reading the Handbook and man-pages I have not got a clue how to
> resolve this problem.

In general, you're out of luck. Pretty much every service uses IP
addressing only; thus, unless you have sufficient routable IP addresses
(ie, your ISP is providing you with a subnet) then you simply can't do

The major exception is HTTP (and the various things that layer on top of
it) which carries the target hostname as part of the protocol.
Unfortunately, HTTPS leaves you back at square one since it uses SSL
directly rather than via some form of STARTTLS negotiation that might be
able to send the desired hostname.

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