Rob wrote:


My parents have an internet provider, that uses the TV-cable and
connects through the USB port. The provider only has M$-Window$
software provided, and this works now with a single computer.

I want to replace this M$-Window$ computer by a FreeBSD router,
to start a home network.

I am at a loss what to do with the USB internet connection?

I know how to get a router set up with RJ-45 cables and two
ethernet cards. But can FreeBSD handle a USB internet connection?

Hints how to deal with this, are highly appreciated.


What is the device?  There are at least four in the
5.X GENERIC kernel:

   USB Ethernet, requires mii
   device         aue             # ADMtek USB ethernet
   device         axe             # ASIX Electronics USB ethernet
   device         cue             # CATC USB ethernet
   device         kue             # Kawasaki LSI USB ethernet


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