Joe Altman wrote:
I just noticed Joshua's issue with not receiving email; for some
reason it prompted me to check my subscriptions. I noticed that I have
a bounce score of 1, out of a possible 5. do I, for what it's worth.

Does anyone know if it is possible for me to see these bounces? I
surmise that it is not an actual bounce from my [EMAIL PROTECTED]
account. I'm guessing that the source is a virus forgery.

But if, by some chance, it is a genuine series of bounces, I really
need to know about it because something weird is happening.

Someone with appropriate access could check the Mailman logfiles and see what was going on, although it's not clear that there is anything unusual going on-- transient failures from DNS lookups or the like can happen, particularly given the volume's mail server must deal with.

I've also seen occasional hiccups in list volume where no traffic is sent for a day or so, but Mailman seems to get stuck processing its queue of unsent messages every once in a blue moon for me, too.

Anyway, try asking <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> and/or the list admin for this list (listed in the headers, probably) if you want to pursue your questions further...


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