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I just setup a freebsd box with the 5.1 release to be a gateway/firewall.
The installation was smooth and to setup the gateway/firewall with nat a lot
of sources are available on Internet.
Here is my problem, I can't connect to Internet from the Freebsd box.
I have DSL and my ISP is AT&T, I have a static IP wich means I don't need to run PPP to connect.

FreeBSD Internet NIC is : 12.103.20.x

When I type ifconfig my NIC looks fine, up and running :

rl0 : 12.103.20.x

For information the freebsd box contains 2 NIC's one for Internet
the other for the LAN (

If I ping myself no problem everything's fine, but I can't ping a web
address. I don't know if it is possible under unix but I use to
"ping" for example to know if it's well
connected. But the best proof is when I try to install samba
my freebsd gives a time out reaching the samba server on the web....

Do you have dns servers listed in /etc/resolv.conf? nameserver <nameserver> nameserver <nameserver>

arp -n -a , does that mention the router's ip and mac addres?

Try it (:

What's the default route?  TCP/IP requires (amongst other things)
an address and a default route.  Here's one of mine:

   % netstat -rn
       Routing tables

Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use Netif Expire
default UGS 0 17570 xl0

Probably your second action, after pinging localhost and your
local IP but before pinging Yahoo, should be a ping off the
"next-hop" gateway.  Your ISP should have told you this, and
it should probably be in /etc/rc.conf as "defaultrouter"...

Or, try traceroute(1) with some address (
will get you Yahoo!) and see what happens.

If you get a "no route to host" or similar, it's your IP
configuration; if it's "unknown host", it's
your name resolution, as Remko was pointing out.

If you have an IP addy but no gw, then you need to
run, as root:

#route add default


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