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> I am actually trying to fix my computer for network problems and so I often reboot. 
> But each reboot is a real pain.... I don't know why the system loading is blocking 
> on "Starting sshd"....

Actually the 'Starting sshd' message indicates that sshd started up
perfectly well, and it the next thing that the system is trying to
start which is giving you problems.

On my system the next thing happens to be sendmail(8), and that has
been known to cause this sort of hang-up.  sendmail(8) will spend a
lot of effort trying to get the IP number and fully qualified domain
names for all interfaces present on the system when it starts up.
Which means that information has to be in the DNS (preferably) or in

If you check the /var/log/messages log file you should see entries
where sendmail complains about not being able to do that -- the long
delay is actually sendmail waiting out the DNS timeout (30s per query
-- doesn't sound like much, but it feels like forever).

Now, given that what I've guessed is correct: you may be using a
system on a private network -- eg. behind a NAT gateway -- and you may
not have any sort of domain name setup, just bare hostnames.  In which
case, just invent a domain part -- say 'localdomain' and make sure
there's an entry for 'hostname.localdomain' in /etc/hosts.



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