i have a notebook connected to a wlan router, which is in turn connected
to my gateway to internet

notebook <-> wlan <-> gw <-> ... internet ...

when i ( am connected via cable (dc0) to the wlan router(
everything works fine.

but then, when i want to switch to wlan (ath0), i shut down the dc0 interface
(ifconfig dc0 down), enable the wlan card, (ifconfig ath0 inet ssid daemon 
                                            ifconfig ath0 up).
then i flush my routing table (route flush) and add default gateway (route add default

now i can ping my wlan router ( but i do not get outside anymore 
for example, because, as route get reveals, the system still uses
dc0 for getting outside. 

how can i force the system to do not use the deactivated device anymore?


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