IMHO the upgrade pricedure is unstable and wrong in either case.

If you  build, install a new kernel and reboot and they make installworld
you may face code dumps because all world is not compatible with the
new kernel.

if yo build, install a new kernel and install world w/o reboot then
during installworld one program is substituted with a new one which
uses new kernel and make installworld may fail.

IMHO this thing must be resolved in the future and it would be nice
to do it this way:
1) build kernel and install it into a buffer
2) build workld and install it into a buffer
3) make changes to config files and install new config file into a buffer
4) reboot
5) during reboot load shoud check the install buffer and if there is
something in it then copy it into a real working filesystem. 

This way we will abvoid nonmtaching executables and kernel at any
given time.

What do you think?

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