Artem Koutchine wrote:
IMHO the upgrade pricedure is unstable and wrong in either case.

Then why is it a proven working procedure? (I upgraded my boxes from 5.0-RC1 to 5.2.1-p4 (all the way) And it never failed on me!)

Previously on 4.x it also worked out fine (another method i used over there, but that also worked out)

If you  build, install a new kernel and reboot and they make installworld
you may face code dumps because all world is not compatible with the
new kernel.

Not at my machine.

> IMHO this thing must be resolved in the future and it would be nice
to do it this way:
1) build kernel and install it into a buffer

/boot will be fine for me (like it does now)

2) build workld and install it into a buffer

That requires that you have a lot of diskspace, so some users can have issues with this, and then again in my opinion there is no problem, and if there is a problem this won't solve it.

3) make changes to config files and install new config file into a buffer

install kernel, reboot, make buildworld, reboot in singleusermode make installworld, mergemaster -p , reboot, mergemaster. does the same imho.

4) reboot

we already done that

5) during reboot load shoud check the install buffer and if there is
something in it then copy it into a real working filesystem.

This way we will abvoid nonmtaching executables and kernel at any
given time.

What do you think?

My opinion is clear, i'll stick with the current way freebsd handles new installations, they work for me, and they never failed on me.


Kind regards,

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