: Have a look at /usr/ports/UPDATING, the firs URL listed is the one you
: want.

Well, you are right, I DID need to use that script.  But, the error I got
seemed very different.  It's almost as if a file were corrupted or something
in the toolchain crashed.  There was actual garbage in the output, like
unprintable characters.

lose_24         ./stock_close_24.png             stock_colorselector_24
./stock_colorselector_24.png     stock_color_picker_25
./stock_color_picker_25.png > gtkstockpixbufs.h ||       ( rm -f
gtkstockpixbufs.h && false )
rcmdsh: unknown user: $PjV菍 FX
Bus error (core dumped)
*** Error code 1

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