On Fri, 9 Apr 2004, Rob wrote:

> Is it correct, that the combination of firewall and natd divert
> all requests and thus hide the home network for my provider?
> Are requests from all other networked home PC's done on behalf of
> the router, so that my provider will only see requests from my router?

Your firewall and natd ensure that anyone outside of your network,
including your ISP, will only be aware of your external, routable IP
address.  What will be visible to the world are the ports accessible on
that IP that are being redirected to the RFC 1918 addresses on your local
network.  The only way to conceal those is to lock them down when you
don't need to allow a connection through them, or to reassign them to
non-standard ports, as most ISP's are only bothered about ports 25 and 80.
I'm not aware of any ISP's that have done any major crackdown on customers
merely for having those ports open, generally they monitor traffic and
check on ones generating a lot of throughput on the assumption they are
hosting porn, warez or a commercial site.


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