Erik Trulsson wrote:

On Fri, Apr 09, 2004 at 12:40:35PM +0100, Supote Leelasupphakorn wrote:

Hi lists

How can I delete file named prefix with "-" ?

If you had bothered to read the manpage for rm(1) you would already know that since the following paragraph appears there:

  The rm command uses getopt(3) to parse its arguments, which allows it to
  accept the --' option which will cause it to stop processing flag
  options at that point.  This will allow the removal of file names that
  begin with a dash (-').  For example:
        rm -- -filename
  The same behavior can be obtained by using an absolute or relative path
  reference.  For example:
        rm /home/user/-filename
        rm ./-filename

I've never run across that.

% cd tmp
% ls
% touch -
% ls
% rm -
% ls

although if it was giving you trouble, I suppose you could do a
rm ./\-

David Piniella
University of Miami

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