hi all,
I wanted to have an image flash up on the screen
instead of having to watch lines scroll on the screen
when the system boots up.

(device splash is enabled in GENERIC by default)
SO I did:
1.kldload splash_bmp
2.then copied a BMP file(PEA.bmp) to /boot/kernel
3. to /boot/loader.conf
   3.1 splash_bmp_load="YES"
   3.2 bitmap_load="YES"
   3.3 bitmap_name="PEA.bmp"

(as I am writing this mail away from the BSD m/c, I
realise that I am not sure the BMP is 320*200 & is
probably more than 256 colours)

When I rebooted, all I saw was text, then the BSD
devil (beastie) and then text again. Since I did not
see my desired BMP, I kldunload'ed the splash_bmp, and
commented out the lines from /boot/loader.conf

BSD "beastie" is not my default screen saver - green
saver is.

Now when I reboot the m/c, all I get is a blank screen
(probably my current GREEN screen saver) instead of
the BSD devil.

Why is the screen saver getting picked up now that
SPLASH has been disabled? Or is there some other

Any help will be appreciated. TIA

-- K E S H A V  T A D I M E T I --

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