Hello all.

In the last months some clients have been asking us about offering them collocation, web hosting, mail and in general all the services they can have from an ISP BUT outside Mexico. Some of them really do not care about what part of the world will be as well as the server is outside the country and the response, service, uptime and additional tools the get are the best. On this most of the clients contract us for administering all the site so a web interface, control panel, will be the best option but with work fine also to install the OS and that then accessing the shell I can configure everything.

The idea if possible us to offer them all the tools we can, shopping, database, php, webmail, etc, etc. We would manage everything so a Control Panel would be nice as I mentioned.

I was wondering if you can comment about what will be the best step to follow. Our idea is to start promoting these services more and more. We would like to start with a beginner plan if possible to test the services and performance and to see what would be the best option to offer , that's why we are considering to choose 3-5 companies and have the same services configured for 2-3 months. That way we can check for sure the best option. Once we decided the best one we would move most of our services there since here (Mexico city) the bandwidth is becoming VERY expensive. Just to give you and idea we are paying 4,000 USD for a 2 MB for an E1 (a little different than the T1 in USA).

We are looking if possible for a company that offer us collocation providing the equipment. We would like to have FreeBSD or Linux and for some configurations we have we would like to have MAC OS X Server 10.2.8 or greater and OS X 10.3. Our needs on bandwidth are about 300GB per month to start.

The idea also is to start offering services to clients at lower prices than we offer now. I was checking some providers like Valueweb. Their plans look fine but since this is my first contact on collocation I wanted to ask first here to see what are your experiences. We know there are lot of people offering solutions at VERY cheap prices (I have found some for 9.99!) but we would like to have the correct services for the correct price. So we are not interested in "unreal" solutions.

I'm asking for your advice if possible:

a) Maybe this one sounds stupid. If you are a reseller also. What companies could you recommend me to look for services?
b) If you are a company that offer this services DIRECTLY. What can you offer me?. What are your prices, conditions and plans for resellers?
c) If would be better for me to contract a rack and put my servers there, already configured by us exactly for what we want to offer?

If you offer reseller plans or offer the service, please let me know all the convenient information about your services. Specially we would like to have information on plans and prices, conditions (if any) ,obligations (if any), benefits and this one is very important, contracts. The contract part is very important because we need to give the samples/templates of the contracts to our lawyers because we can not sign anything without their permission (a very bad experience with a foreign company a couple of year ago made us be cautious in all our new negotiations). I was wondering if some of you are interested in having another reseller. If so please send me all the convenient information about your services like prices,conditions,obligations,contracts, etc.

Those interested answer me OFFLINE please :[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Thanks in advance and please contact me offline. I don't want to waste the bandwidht of the list.

Thanks again for your time in advance.

LSCA. Jorge Enrique Biquez Alvarez

Homero 1610 PB
Col. Los Morales Polanco
CP 11510 (frente a Pabellon Polanco)
Mexico DF
Tels. +52 55 5282-1012, +52 55 5282-0779, +52 55 5282-0289
Cel. 044-55-3132-0171

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