Greetings all,

It has been a long time since I worked with any unix, and I had a spare pc
laying around that hadn't been on in months, so I decided to toss freebsd
onto it.

The installation went smoothly and I've got it up and running.  My next goal
is to get it's internet access working flawlessly.

The problem that I'm having is that while it can get access via IP address,
it's domain resolutions are not working.  The way that I've been setting
this up is via tutorials on the net, going into 

Sysinstall -> configure -> interfaces -> sis0 then hitting yes for it to
auto detect everything.

All of this comes up really beautifully and happily.  The details it
discoveres are 100% correct.  However, I can not get the little box in
Interfaces to hold an 'x' (not sure if that's right or not anyway) and when
I exit sysinstall and go back, it has not retained the information.

When I do an nslookup from shell, it shows my ip as which is
probably part of the problem.  It should be showing my internal IP
(; which it does detect in sysinstall....

Anyway, as you can see from this message, I'm a complete beginner at this.
If anyone is willing to take some time and work through it with me, I'd be
really super appreciative.

The option of re-working the network is nil, as well; there are 6 xp
machines so I have to get it talking to the existant network; which is based
off a linksys router.

Thank you all in advance.

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