Paul Seniura wrote:
[Some of the maillists including -current@ are
 down at the moment.  I hope someone on this
 list can help in meantime, please?]

I can confirm that your email is making it to the list, anyway...

I've posted several msgs over the past two weeks
stumbling on buildworld when using lang/gcc33.

...and I remember seeing these messages go by, too. :-)

Trying to build -CURRENT with a compiler from a port rather than with the default compiler is a wizard-mode operation (unfortuantely). I suspect that you would have better luck tracking RELENG_5_2 or RELENG_4.

If you want to experiment with a gcc from ports, try rebuilding a specific application and benchmarking that before trying to do so with the entire world. If you wanted to perform a broader test, consider recompiling KDE and X11.

[ ... ]
> PLEASE Help - I do not want to blow everything away
and start completely over, as Da Bosses are looking
rather stern that this project is taking way too long.

It is not clear to me what problem you are trying to solve by the activities you are pursuing: perhaps you ought to install 5.2.1 or 4.9 from a .iso image and get on with other tasks, and revisit the issue of recompiling world later?


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