Ver:  FreeBSD 4.9.
                XFree86 4.3.0
                 lesstif 0.93.36_1
       HW: IMB PC-365 with 200MHz Pro, 96 Meg RAM, 4 Gig HD
       Symptoms:  striking <Enter>, when in X, produces
                            the same effect as entering  Ctrl-Del-+,
                             it causes the screen's resolution to change.

        I have been running Ver 4.3 on this hardware for over
    a year without trouble, though not using lesstif.
    I decided to upgrade to 4.9, and all works fine,
     except the above mentioned trouble.  I am using
     the lesstif window manager, which works on a box
     with identical hardware, but using Slackware 9.0.

         Using sysinstall, I have tried three diff key maps:

              USA ISO                            <==>  us.iso
               ISA CAPSLOCK-CTRL  <==>  us.pc -ctrrl
               none                                    <==>  NO

       The right hand side are the values written to rc.conf.

            The environmental var XKEYSYMDB is set to:


        which is the file's location.

            I'd appreciate any help.



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